Project Description

Game Description

Under the guiding light of characters of virtue, eradicate the demons

With so many eye soaring events happening around the world, our client came up with a bright idea where knowledge and wisdom meet with a gaming experience.

This game aims at inculcating life values through a fun means.

Expulsar means to ‘eradicate’ or ‘cast out’ in Spanish. The game has a player that makes way for themselves through a surrounding full of evil obstacles and restore their life purpose set by Jesus.

The player gets to select a character from a list of assisting characters that represent good virtues.

While avoiding the luring negative objects like Gold coins, Mirrors, Loaves of leavened bread; the player has to collect the positive objects and increase the energy.

At the end, the player has to battle the evil with the help from an assisting character and win over the battle.

Game Features
  • Excellent character design :  The game has exceptional character design of the major characters as well as assisting characters. The game becomes more immersive due to personification of all characters.
  • Pick your player :  The player can choose from two major players, a boy named George or a girl named Sarah, and represent themselves in the game.
  • Assistant character at your service :  The player gets to select from a list of assistant character choices that are representations of ethical values like peace, prudence, love, hope, faith and more.
  • Weapon of choice :  Every battle is fought with a weapon and in this game too the player can select the weapon that is best fit to destroy the vice.
  • A Prayer goes a long way :  The player can select from a list of prayers, and at the end of the battle the level is completed with that prayer.
  • Game Hurdles :  The player has to pass through the negative objects while collecting all the positive objects.
  • Battle with a demon :  At the very end of the level, the player has to win the battle from the demon his wishes to overcome.
  • Storyboard/Tutorials :  The game starts with a story that describes the beginning of the game. Moreover the game has written as well as a verbal tutorial that guides the player in each aspect of the game.
  • Service to the community :  The game imparts wisdom and represents the community values and teachings at large.
  • Scenes :  The game has 7 different scenes, each of which are set up with a different vice that imbalances the society.
  • Sounds :  Expulsar has exquisite sound effects to keep the player thoroughly involved in the game till the end.